What a paradox?

It’s difficult to pin point exactly what we are really about. I mean us humans. In different ways we are the same especially when we try to understand religion. Lost and struggling in the hands of wise cracks.

In trying to understand the aphorism called Hinduism–as a way of life I’m stricken by so many ambiguities that I decided to turn an atheist. Someone had wisely said “I’ve read so much about the ills of smoking that I’ve given up reading.”

My predicament is somewhat similar. In the absence of any established norms–prescriptive literature or a list of dogmas Hinduism has become prey to myriad interpretations and rituals.

Consider this—we’ve a temple that prays to a menstruating idol— an obscene and hideous sight and yet menstruating women are not allowed to enter the temple. Someone once remarked that if it were appropriate to remember God when you are smoking, why should smoking in the church be inappropriate? Touché

Or this–A temple where the deity is, washed and bathed with cheap liquor as an offering. The cheap liquor unfortunately stands testimony to a poverty stricken country.

Hinduism is commonly perceived as a polytheistic religion. Indeed, most Hindus would attest to this, by professing belief in multiple Gods. While some Hindus believe in the existence of three gods, some believe in thousands of gods, and some others in thirty three crore i.e. 330 million Gods. However, learned Hindus, who are well versed in their scriptures, insist that a Hindu should believe in and worship only one God.

What is important to address at this point is that whatever we read, understand or decipher about God is written and interpreted by another human being like you and me.

Therefore, I ask this question what makes him/her more knowledgeable about this abstract concept? Think awhile…

The major difference between the Hindu and the Muslim perception of God is the common Hindus’ belief in the philosophy of Pantheism. Pantheism considers everything, living and non-living, to be Divine and Sacred. The common Hindu, therefore, considers everything as God. He considers the trees as God, the sun as God, the moon as God, the monkey as God, the snake as God and even human beings as manifestations of God!

Thus the major difference between the Hindu and the Muslim beliefs is the difference of the apostrophe ‘s’. The Hindu says everything is God. The Muslim says everything is God’s.

I say this, neither as a Hindu nor a Muslim nor a Christian nor as a member of another convoluted ideology but simply through my pure intelligence and years of evolution as a human; once we exist a few billion years we would be discover the truth. We are still inadequately prepared to consider anything beyond the Big Bang.

Therefore don’t be a prey in the hands of the predating wise men. Live your life as divinity itself until divinity decides to reveal Itself and speak the truth.

I encourage readers to ponder awhile and write back with their views:-
How come we have not discovered a new God in the last forty thousand years?
If God is really the creator, why does He/She need to experiment with creation and/or create something ugly?
As the omnipresent, omnipotent why do evil things continue to happen in this world?

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