Those Days

Remember those early days
Sun shone brightly on our face
Rain fell hard and trees danced
No worries that clothes got wet

Those cherubic throws of infancy
Unparalleled joys of intimacy
Parent’s love, a best friend’s hug
I am here for an eternity

That little time, that short space,
Glories of life & abundant grace
When opulent cloud or a flower
Made our souls, gaze for hours

Why did we begin to interpret this place
Different beings and the human race
The need to be first in every race
Why doesn’t it work in second place
Why did I teach my tongue to wound
Frown my eyes throw hideous moods

Now how I long to travel back
Tread again that favourite track
Mend my ways, choose happy always
break this jinx, stop the malaise

Before nature imposes,
our time to return
And this dust falls into an urn

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