Rein in the monkeys

A strange phenomenon has gripped this nation. The phenomenon borrowed from the west—overly apparent in the U.S. and rapidly catching up in India. As a nation we enjoy sensationalism. We are bored of our predictable drudgery and look outward to satiate our senses while the world thinks we are reflective inward looking people. Who are we aping? And what are we destroying? In the name of TRP the media is making idiots of a nation.

A look at the recent (last 2-3 years) spate of events that have taken over the collective consciousness of the nation and I would have made my point. Arushi, Nirbhaya and ongoing Sheena Bora are the notable ones amongst lesser moral policing, raping Godmen, drunken driving and petty scams—hundred thousand crores is loose change nowadays.

Breaking news, perhaps hammering is a better word is bombarding our resolve to reflect on issues independently and unbiasedly. We assume the role of police, judge and jury the moment news breaks over the air. We are being driven to the point of making a point. Inherent faith in a system, law, judiciary and human compassion have been replaced by a monkey jumping on television because trees have been felled indiscriminately and he’s forgotten to complain about that.

Sure the incidents are gruesome and the facts convoluted but they are isolated incidents in a nation of over a billion people. Isolated incidents do not prove rich are playing God or they are beyond law. A student of statistics or mere common sense can tell us that. There is no such trend as the media would like us to believe. The world outside media offices still goes on smoothly. In fact the media uses the same systems to survive and launch their mental assaults.

The systems and practices that have made us a strong nations are intact. Only some people have become wayward and they will be dealt with due course of law. There’s no need for hyper ventilation on a television channel. As conscience keepers they are welcome but not as investigators and lawyers. They simply do not possess the necessary qualifications nor the rigor where there are specialists for those jobs.

MEDIA NEEDS CENSORSHIP as they have damning effects on hoi polloi as ‘strictly for only adults viewing’ tag is missing from the broadcasts.

Faith is the reason mankind exists— Remember the God phenomenon? Eroding faith of good from the people is the worst blow that can be dealt. Is there a foreign hand involved? Perhaps media would like us to believe that😄

Time to put a sign outside our doors “Beware of television”

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