"If you've an idea, I have the words"

I Write It

You Own It.

Being a good writer or author isn’t good enough—you also need to capture your client's voice and tell the story as he or she would.

Sure, you can write, but can you match a client’s vocabulary, pace, and style of speech as you craft a document as if you were him or her?

Here's the real test: Can you do that even if you think yourstyle/creative vision/prose is better? While you can advise your clients, ultimately, they are paying you to write what and how they want you to.

You have to be comfortable doing that.

Ghostwriting is all about helping others convey their message in their own voice.


Ghostwriting is not “one person writes the book and someone else gets all the credit.” That’s fraud.

Professional ghostwriting is: author has the idea ghostwriter puts author’s idea on paper or, more poetically,

The difference between a writer and a ghostwriter is the difference between a mother and a midwife.

"Pale Ink is better than the strongest memory"

Old Chinese proverb