There was a time humans did not need to believe God existed. There were no words to describe the phenomenon. No one knew, wondered, contemplated about an unknown. What you didn't know you couldn't know. In words of St. Augustine

"Let no one seek to know from me,

What I know I do not know,

Unless perhaps he wishes to know,

how not to know that

which you know cannot be known"

Humans lived simply, loved and died as naturally as nature intended. They did not need to find a purpose besides daily survival and that truism defined their characteristics and everyday life. They had not found greed, envy, jealousy or pride. They co-existed simply; as simply was what they knew.

What is the genesis of God then? Education? Growing population and waning resources? Greed? A sense of attachment? A combination of everything? Or is it just human being's search for a crutch to survive against all odds? What led to the isolation of humans from each other? Demonism, Idolatry and religion?

What began as rules for co-existence to enforce societal peace became tools for domination and discrimination when few people discovered a vulnerability in a man and exploited it for selfish ends. A clique formed that led to a cult until it became a full-blown religion and a centre for discrimination and power domination.

The world got divided not just by continental drift but by beliefs; each stronger than the other, each more self-righteous than the other.  While cities grew into countries, countries into continents the human being became a Hindu, Muslim or Christian. Suddenly religion defined their existential characteristics. That's when humans began their downward slide into deterioration.

Where did we lose the original humanism, the amoral, agnostic and agender way of simple co-existence?

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