Choice of Inner Voice

I obsess about losing weight
But won’t eat what is right
I obsess about creating wealth
But didn’t save when the time was right
I obsess about being well-read
But don’t read to spend my time
I obsess about being inadequate,
Insecure is how I lead my life.

Burden of time
Weighs heavy on me
The older years seem difficulty
But what if I carry my memories right?
The world would certainly seem more bright
Life and times only race ahead
A year gone by, one less to carry
That’s actually a reduced load
That’s the reason I shouldn’t worry

It’s an age when I’m roaming free,
Speaking my mind without a referee
Getting rid of things that cause mental doom
I spread my smile to meet my eyes
By opening my heart to a tune

I choose to be happy,
I’ll spread that cheer
I choose to be kind,
To far and near
I choose, I choose, I have free choice
I can, because I hear my inner voice

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