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Serving You

Johnny has paradoxical views on life, has a mysterious persona, and often wears eccentric masks. How do these views influence an ordinary boy towards an extraordinary business—A restaurant serving human meat? And yet this book is not about business. But about a boy's journey from adolescence to maturity. A tale of breaking shackles and living it up. Serving You is a poignant reminder of the simplicity of life and the freedom from self-doubts. It is a tale of true love, true conviction and an extraordinary tale of triumph. A boy's journey into manhood, love, business and maturity. A journey from foolishness to eternal wisdom

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Vance - The Gentle Giant

This could easily have been just another adventure story; however, it is far more than just that. This is a story of kindness, of loyalty and everlasting friendship that used very few words and yet communicated, from the heart.

A simple tale of connection — A story that spanned over just one year but will haunt for a lifetime.

It goes on. The cycle of births and deaths, young ones born and old withering away, in an unabated circle of life, but every once in awhile comes along a moment, an act of kindness, a whim, an adventure, that not only challenges norms, enhances perceptions but gets you to connect with nature.

Your Nature

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Vignettes of Joy

A quirky collection of Ideas

Just a few words on paper
And a whole new world on offer
Now I see the eagles soar,
Now I hear the lions roar
I also hear how mother sings,
But at who’s behest do I think?
Suddenly it was that age
When poetry arrived in search of me
I don't know how I don't know when
Without a warning, it overpowered me

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“We make out of the quarrel with others, rhetoric, but of the quarrel with ourselves, poetry.”

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I am man, and I too have been harassed|
by presumptions of behaviour||
thrust upon, not by my choice|
But by desecration of|
expectations on my little joints||

Dancing to the tune of gender|,
Masculine or feminine|
while the world goes asunder||
Men like blue and women like pink?|
And Men make the decisions|
while women cannot think?||

Where are we headed good people|,
in pursuits of these beliefs?|
Let's celebrate human life instead|
and get rid of such griefs||

Women are not from Venus|
And Men are not from Mars|
like all women, don’t like high heels|
all men don’t like cars||


His-tory, Her-story, We-story|
Now that’s what it ought to be||
As half of world’s population|
there’s inadequacy in singularity||
We need gender neutrality|||

I say sorry to all women|
I’ve called sensuous before smart|
or cute before brave|
and learned to view as stereotypes|
in shades of denigrates||

Tis time to view the duality of
the beauty and the grace|
the resilient and the great|| ||

She’s not here to fill
the empty parts of he|
'Tis only when together
Nature is complete||

A small rendition fuelled by Liquid courage--a night out in Bangalore.